Profile FB-tax

Our vision

Everyone has to deal with taxation and therefore tax law, both privately and for business. As the world around us is constantly changing, so are tax laws. This means that taxation can be complex, especially for wealthy individuals and (international) entrepreneurs.

The influence of tax issues on business decisions is significant. In the private sphere, this impact is often even greater because personal motives can weigh heavily. FB-tax provides correct and secure solutions for a tax issue and brings them in accordance with your personal objectives.

Our method

We believe that good advice and a legally certain solution should be tailor-made, secure and clear. Whether it concerns securing assets, a division of assets, a solution to a tax dispute, settling a dispute in court, tax advice or the transfer of your company.

We see diversity as a challenge: no personal or business issue is too complex for us. We always go for the best personal solution.

No-nonsense, integrity and long term are words that characterize us: we invest in our customers so that customers want to come back to us. The rate we use is in line with the market. Due to the small size of our firm, you are assured of strict confidentiality.

Commitments of Ferenc Ballegeer

  • Scientific assistant to the program in notarial law @ Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)
  • National Representative for Belgium @ Association Internationale des Jeunes Avocats (AIJA) (2018-2021)
  • Chair Regional Taxes Task Force – member Legal & Taxation Committee @ American Chamber of Commerce in Belgium (AmCham Belgium)
  • President Election Committee @ Association Internationale des Jeunes Avocats (AIJA)
  • Member @ Estate Planning Skill Group Flemish Brabant & Limburg (EPSG)
  • Appointment as member of selection and evaluation committees of Brussels mandate holders on behalf of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region (2017-2019)